Since the first team of students started this podcast with season 1 & 19 episodes in 2020, the second team of students finished season 2 with 13 episodes in 2021.

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<aside> 1️⃣ 2 incredible seasons


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Product Pioneers is a student lead podcast powered by CODE University of Applied Sciences that helps spread awareness on Product Management-related subjects.

Our topics are diverse - from exploring new technologies, tools or methods, talking to experts, and market leaders to showcasing our students’ semester projects!

Why the name Product pioneers? At CODE, we identify ourselves as Digital Pioneers. We use critical thinking in our day to day activities, which helps us become more knowledgable of our roles and industries that we’re tackling.

The team independently running this podcast are students who change from season to season.

The current team members for Season 2 are: **Simon Heuschkel** as the Host and **Thais Correia de Aquino, Alessandro Perez** & Burcu Baycan as editors and assisting team.

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